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Prepping for your Baby and Children Photo Session


Before the shoot, please ensure that baby is well rested and has a full belly.  If baby is ill, please consider rescheduling.  This will ensure that baby is happy, smiley and cooperative during the photo session.

Baby sessions may require a bit of assistance from mom and dad (or grandparents) to get them interested in the camera.  If you would like to assist in getting baby's attention, please stand DIRECTLY BEHIND ME AT MY LEVEL.  This will have the baby look in the direction of the camera and not off to the side.  This is very important!  We want to have a connection with your baby when we look at the images, and we can't have that connection if baby is looking to the left or to the right of the camera.

Some babies need assistance sitting up or when in props.  Your role during these set ups will be to spot baby by sitting next to them to ensure baby remains safe at all times.  Remember, safety first and if you are going to throw in arm or hand into my view to make sure your baby is safe, do not worry about that!  When spotting, it's easy to accidentally block my light source.  As a result, I may ask you to move around until we find a place where you can spot baby without blocking the light.

It's always a good idea to bring non-messy snacks, such as cheerios or puffs.  Please avoid bringing messy snacks, such as candy or Oreo/Chocolate Chip cookies, as babies are likely to get more of these snacks on their clothes rather than their mouths.

It is very important to remember that babies often have their own agendas; the session revolves around them.  Most babies do not take directions to "pose", "say cheese".  Almost all of the photos that I create were captured candidly.  Please do not expect to recreate a picture you have seen on my site or in my studio.  These natural moments make the best photos.  

If we are shooting a cake smash session, do not worry if baby doesn't initially enjoy the cake.  Most babies need some direction and encouragement to get going.  It helps if we hide snacks in the cake (even pacifiers) and allow baby to go 'searching' for it.


I recommend bringing no more than 3 cute and colorful outfits for your baby's session. Any more than that, the baby tends to get irritated and crabby from all of the clothing changes.   Remember, their attention span is limited and the session will only last no more than an hour.  We have to work fast!  Try to prevent any yelling/screaming, constant squeaky toy sounds, different props and toys given to them and trying everything to create smiles.  This WILL over stimulate your baby and then the smiles will never appear.   

For cake smashes, introduce your baby to a small cupcake a few weeks before their smash the cake session.  This will prepare them that it is "OK" to have frosting on their hands.  Get them use to the consistency of the frosting and the texture in their mouths.  A great option for the session is also getting a ONE year old outfit.  These can be found on Etsy and make a great photo memory!  

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