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Prepping for your Maternity Photo Session

Sessions are done around 34-36 week.  This is to ensure that the true baby bump is showing!  Here are a few things to help you prepare for your session (your belly will be exposed in some of the images):

1.  Get your hair, makeup and nails done!  
2.  I recommend 2-3 outfits.  These outfits can include:
     - pre-pregnancy jeans (some pics may have your jeans unbuttoned) or maternity jeans will do
     - black tights
     - snug tank top
     - nice blouse or sweater
     - snug fitting dress
     - lingerie/lace or satin robes
     - I do have a maternity silk gown that can be used. I just ask you bring a strapless bra and non patterned panties.
     - boy shorts/bikini style panties in either nude, white or black.  These are optional if you'd like to have photos taken with breasts   covered with hands shots.
3.  No watches or hair elastics on wrists.
4.  You will be barefoot, so no need for matching shoes
5.  Session is for Mama-to-be, however, I do encourage Dad to be in a few of the images.
6.  Children can be photographed during the maternity session as well.  I will do these shots first so that the child/children can be brought home by another family member if needed.  I recommend bringing tight fitting tshirts or dress in solid, neutral color (brown, tan, gray, black or white).  Jeans/tights for bottoms and they will be barefoot.
7.  Bring any baby props, ultrasound photos, baby shoes/boots etc that you would like to include.

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